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Open Mic – Milky Way Demos

We asked Chuck to talk us through one of the early Milky Way demos.

“Milky Way didn’t have a consistent campaign, so our first goal was to find a solid TV idea we could live with for many years. We finally found a line we liked, “Sorry, I was eating a Milky Way.” Unfortunately they killed the TV so we started thinking about radio. The demo has another structure we played with – treating them like real letters to a call in show.’

If you have a demo, story or ad that you would like to share with us, send it to and we’ll do our best to feature it in next month’s blog.


Finally some retail ads that won’t make you want to kill yourself (or murder the shouty shouty v/o).


This campaign for a Canadian supermarket turns the week’s special into a punch line. Distinctive, entertaining and memorable – pretty good for 15 seconds.


Y&R Canada, Toronto

Any ad that incorporates the words ‘ovary’, ‘peas’ and ‘smoothie’ will no doubt get your attention. Best of all, this one makes sense.

Space-InvadersSpace Invaders: Instant Scratch-Its

GPY&R Brisbane

16bit never sounded so good in this Space Invaders, lottery scratch card homage. We love how they create urgency in the ad by playing on the frantic gameplay of the old school arcade shooter.