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What? Three times in one week?

We don’t like to beat our own drum, but last week was huge.

Siren Craft Winner | Round 2
(& Runner Up in both Campaign & Craft)

Ralph and Simon


Creating a different ad for each day of the week and any topical news stories will get you noticed. But once you add the witty writing of Ogilvy’s Andrew Hankin, engineering wizardry of Song Zu’s Simon Kane, and the vocal chords of Tom Baker, this latest Soothers ad couldn’t fail.

We’re currently working on our ‘drank-too-much-celebrating’ sore throat.


As soon as we saw this terrific campaign we knew exactly which terrific actor would do it justice. Thank you John Waters for your dulcet tones and thanks as always to JWT’s Will Edwards for trusting us with your ideas.

Career Change

Unexpected Pregnancy

White Wedding


Mumbrella announces Publish Conference featured speakers

Ever wondered what it takes to make a great podcast and actually get it heard? Well, friends, you’re in luck – because Ralph van Dijk has just been announced as a featured speaker in Mumbrella’s Publish Conference.

Podcasts are leading the audio renaissance, with leading publishers and brands leaping at the opportunity to deliver content, and messages, straight into the consumer’s ear. But for every Serial, Bowraville, and The Message, dozens more pass by without notice. Why?

Find out in Ralph’s talk, where he’ll examine the best and most successful podcasts in the world right now, and unpack the elements that make them such a hit. (Or if you can’t make it, you can always call us!)

Ralph’s on the LIA speaker list (Again!?)

Ralph must be doing something right, because he’s just been announced in the impressive line-up of speakers for the 6th annual Creative LIAisons program in Las Vegas, where he’ll be speaking alongside industry legends such as Bob Isherwood, Ted Royer, Amir Kassaei… to name a few.

For those of you who don’t know, creative LIAisons is LIA’s way of giving back. So, instead of putting on a fancy award show, the entire budget goes to organizing this unique event for young creatives. And we’re a fan!

Our top 10 Cannes radio that actually sell stuff

Public service ads dominate award shows. They’re the ones that persuade us to stick to the speed limit, become an organ donor, or stop smoking. Essentially, they’re raising awareness for things we already agree with.

Last year, out of all the categories broadcast on Australian radio, only 7% were Public Service.

The figures in The States and UK are similar. Yet, at Cannes they represented 30% of all awarded entries (54 of 177). So, it’s pretty clear which category ambitious creatives focus their efforts on.

Surely degree of difficulty needs to be factored in, and we all know it’s much harder to promote the benefits of a new car than the benefits of wearing a seatbelt.

As a judge, I look for any work that elicits an emotional response, and if a piece of work for a cold, heartless brand that exists only to only to turn a profit can achieve that, it’ll get my vote every time.

With that in mind, we went back and re-listened to this year’s Cannes winners to bring you our top 10 radio ads that actually sell stuff.

Because we believe selling stuff is a tricky business and we wanted to give a shout out to those who have done it exceptionally well.

10. Flex – Mattress (Shortlist) | Sra. Rushmore, Spain

An absolutely savage story, hilarious conclusion, and product benefit (somehow) fit comfortably in this 20-second spot.

English script:

VO: He pretended to be interested in the high-pressure steam cleaner to get the salesman to clean the rugs, curtains… and even the grease from the stove hood. And you might ask yourself, how does he manage to sleep at night? Well…on a Flex mattress. Flex – the reparative rest nearly all of us deserve.


9. Nestle – Maggi Magic Sarap (Silver) |McCann Worldgroup, Philippines

Incredibly talented chefs are everywhere. Then there’s the ones in this campaign. A fun, clever way to sell the benefit without making your (horrible cook) target audience feel bad about themselves.


8. AIS – Cloud+ (Silver) | Y&R, Thailand

(Shown as a video for clarity) Radio spots don’t get much simpler or gripping than this. A perfect way to dramatise not having to make tough decisions.


7. gp

7. Volkswagen – Pedestrian Monitoring System (Bronze) | Grabarz & Partner, Germany

This spot forces you to visualise the worst car accident imaginable to dramatise a benefit of a VW. But, instead of using shock tactics, it does so in a way that has you laughing the whole way through.



6. Mariskal Rock Radio (Gold) | Y&R Madrid, Spain

This campaign turns rock classics into terrible, terrible, terrible jingles to remind us that rock and advertising don’t mix – so listen to ad-free radio. (Perhaps it struck a chord because I’m guilty of this very sin…)


5. gray

5. Duracell – Duralock (Gold) | Grey Africa, South Africa

Superbly written and performed, this spot hits you with a heavy dose of nostalgia to demonstrate Duracell’s lifespan.


4. colenso bbdo logo

4. Anchor – Milk (Silver) | Colenso BBDO, New Zealand

It’s easy to forget that the radio commercial you’re working on actually interrupts the listener. Which is why you need to do everything you can to make your commercial just as engaging as whatever you just rudely interrupted. Exactly what this spot does in spades.


3. yr prague

3. Newsweek (Silver) | Y&R Prague, Czech Republic

News story fragments are cleverly cut together to tell a continuous week-long narrative, a simple, memorable demonstration.


2. ogilvy

2. KFC – Double Down Burger (Grand Prix) | Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg, South Africa

Great radio doesn’t have to be funny. But when it works it works. And O&M Johannesburg has done it again with another witty, well-performed, and relatable campaign for KFC. I could listen to these all day.


1. Fully Booked Bookstore (Gold) | McCann Worldgroup, Philippines

A captivating way to tell a familiar story. Brilliant performances that entertained and draw you into the story. I was hooked from the first line right until the penny dropped with the reveal. Such a fresh way to demonstrate the power of books – that you’re not just turning pages, you’re living a life. Hats off to you, McCann.

Alles Cannes, nichts muss – Spot-Special für Gewinner

Kreativ-Agenturen aus aller Welt fieberten eine Woche im Juni um eine der begehrten Trophäen der Cannes Lions. Auch einige deutsche Agenturen konnten sich in diesem Jahr über Radio Löwen freuen – Löwen einer Kategorie, die manch Kreativer als die Königsdisziplin der Werbung betrachtet.

Die Radiozentrale nahm dies zum Anlass, den Preisträgern erstmals mit einem Spotmotiv der Kampagne pro Radio »Radio. Geht ins Ohr. Bleibt im Kopf.« zu gratulieren – und zwar öffentlichkeitswirksam bundesweit über die Antennen der werbungtragenden Radiosender in Deutschland.

Das Spot-Special »Vermieter«

Herzlichen Glückwunsch den Gewinnern!

  • GGH MULLENLOWE – Silber – Kunde: IKEA (Produktion: Hastings Audio Network)
  • DDB – Bronze – Kunde: Telekom (Produktion: Hastings Audio Network / Mokoh Music)
  • Grabarz & Partner – 2 x Bronze – Kunde: Volkswagen (Produktion: Studio Funk)