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If you ever need to convince your agency to cough up for a voice director, just send them this.

Warning: several creatives and producers were harmed in the making of this compilation.

John Peel

William Shatner


Orson Wells

Cannes Contenders – Option 1

Three radio ideas have caught our ear. Some have already picked up at other shows and one is making its award debut. All should go far.

Motel 6

The Richards Group USA

With so many brands competing for face time during the Superbowl, how do you stand out?  By advertising on radio. This was voted ‘best Superbowl commercial without those pesky pictures’.

One School at a Time

Joe Public Johannesburg

The first rule in advertising is to ‘sell the benefit’. Here, listeners can witness first hand the transformative effect one week of English tutoring will have on a child. OK where do I sign?

Samsung S-drive

Leo Burnett Sydney

Using your phone affects your ability to drive in the same way as drinking. The performances in these unnerving scenes really help drive that point home.