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Now’s the time to make that podcast

We’re huge fans of everything about podcasts. Well, almost everything.

The one thing we can’t stand is transcribing. every. single. word. Just the thought of transcribing several hours of tape is enough to dry up all enthusiasm for the project.

Which is why we’re so excited about the new start up Descript.

Descript is a handy little app that automatically transcribes audio and video in seconds. Seconds! But the best part is you can edit your transcribed text and it edits the audio too. If you move or delete a word, sentence, even an entire paragraph, the audio will be affected too. Makes doing a first edit a breeze without using any editing software.

While no substitute for a professional audio engineer, Descript speeds up the process and means you can spend less time on the boring stuff and more time actually making stuff.

Google makes sure your tunes are always in tune

The shape, size, and surface of a room drastically affect its acoustics. We all know this. Yet, when was the last time you tweaked the equalisation of your speakers to match a room? If you’re like us, probably never. So, like us, you’re missing out on getting the most from your setup.

But don’t sweat, Google’s on the case with their new Home Max. It uses 6 in-built microphones and machine learning to analyse the room’s acoustics and tweak the EQ accordingly. Which is music to our ears.

And right now, every Google Home Max comes with a free Google Home Mini. So if you’re on the fence about picking a smart speaker brand, this could be the nudge you need.