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THE EARPLUG – The Mist: In 3-D Sound

Simon and Schuster took audio books to the next level (and dimension) with their 3-D re-imagination of iconic novels. What better way to scare yourself senseless than to listen to The Mist in 3-D. Stephen King’s sinister imagination now has the sound design to match.

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Get your ears around the technology that is changing the way we listen.


VoCo – Adobe

Put simply, this is Photoshop for audio. Technology that allows audio to be cut, manipulated, and recreated. It’s extremely exciting and also a little bit worrying.



iTrack Pocket – Focusrite

From sound and interface masters Focusrite, the iTrack Pocket is the first high-end pocket studio. It’s perfect for songwriters, idea starters and podcast makers with a quality stereo mic. It also fits right in your pocket. How handy.



Amazon Echo

It’s a speaker that can also turn off your living room lights, and the most remarkable voice recognition software to date. Goodbye Siri, hello Alexa.



The Pilot – Waverly Labs

Remember The Babel Fish from Douglas Adams’ ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?’ It was a device that translated languages in real time, straight to you ears. Guess what – it’s real and coming to an ear near you.



AirPods – Apple

With the launch of iPhone 7, the death of the headphone jack has not gone down well with many consumers. But if you look / listen closely to Apple’s new wireless headphones, you’ll realise they’re not headphones they’re actually in-ear computers.  And we think they’re going to make quite a noise. Check out this article for more.