THE TOP 10 UNDER 20 (seconds)

Purina Dog Chow Little Bites
The ad is as tiny as the dogs Purina are targeting but it still finds time to entertain with an angry as f**k Chihuahua.

Stuffit Delux
Unique brand voice – check.
Clear, concise message – check.
Three brand mentions in 10 seconds – check.
Seriously impressive stuff.

Now this is how to do retail. Price, product, character and entertainment all wrapped up in a handy 15 second take home pack.

A car that’s innovative, intelligent and also very (very) small gets a campaign to match.

Takes no time in using the building blocks of language to capture the brand beautifully.

Sears Optical
20/20 vision gets 10/10 for execution in this campaign for Sears Optical.

Lapperre Hearing Aid
A terrific idea that grabs your attention in the subtlest way imaginable.

Zippo Watches
Zippo lighters have an unmistakable sound. Here’s how they used it to good effect when they extended their product offering.

Guiness Book of Records
The only radio ad to feature in the Guiness Book Of Records. Blink and you’ll miss it.

From naught to intrigue in five seconds.

KFC (Bonus ads!)
Here’s another great piece of retail, which we happened to direct (#justsayin’). Listen to how KFC make its retail recognisable, with a distinct brand framework that stands out as much as the price point.

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