Hear The F***ing Brilliant Siren Award Winners

DDB Sydney’s Jim Curtis and Ryan Fitzgerald picked up the 2014 Gold & Craft Siren Awards for their VW ad entitled ‘Road’.

The Campaign Award went to McCann Melbourne’s John Mescall and Pat Baron for their Metro Trains ‘Notify’ work.

Finally, the prize for ‘best presentation title’ went to guest speaker and creative legend Jeff Goodby for “Why Aren’t They Buying My Brilliant F***ing Idea”.



Dominic Youdan: Off The Cuff, London

‘Some ideas need to be demoed. Like this one for the launch of UK fashion brand NEXT in Australia. I wanted to combine the British National Anthem with an iconic Australian song and I knew it was the idea that would challenge the client the most. I was right. They didn’t buy it, but I still like it.’

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